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Movement is your Superpower

Helping overwhelmed + exhausted women who feel stuck find their freedom through movement


Movement, Mindfulness, and Self-Care: the Wild Woman Strong community is your exclusive home for all three. Free resources, community updates, discounts on coaching, workshops, and retreats - its all here.


... and I am a movement specialist + educator with a strong obsession for coffee and the barefoot kinda lifestyle.

I am here to help you find your way forward and create the momentum you have been craving in your life. Finding freedom through movement will help you connect deeply with both your mind + body, helping you to remove barriers that are holding you back from living your most authentic, purposeful, and powerful life.

I believe that everything is connected and it is my mission to help women create a loving space in their bodies + minds through movement.


Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, or feel stuck in a lifestyle that just doesn't work for you?

I believe that movement is YOUR superpower and I want to help you turn yours on. Utilizing the power of movement, I'll help guide you over barriers that are keeping you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted allowing you to create your most fulfilling and authentic lifestyle. We will accomplish this through:

  • Powerful movement practices that your body will love
  • Establishing a self-care routine that is effective and takes into account YOUR unique lifestyle and values
  • Solutions for managing the stressors that keep you from taking actions you want to
  • Tools for gaining clarity when you feel stuck

Are you ready to harness your powers?


Let's Move Together

Wild Woman Strong is a community that supports each other unconditionally. And not because we have to.

We support each other because we understand that we are all connected. My victory is yours and your growth is mine, and our strength lies in our ability to stand strong with and for each other.

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"She will not only climb mountains, she will move them too."

Lang Leav

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