Gratitude as a tool for [Healing]

Two years ago, I got kicked out of a business that I had co-founded and had dedicated countless amounts of emotional and physical energy into. It was devastating and it jumpstarted a severe downward spiral into the worst period of depression I had ever faced in my entire life. I barely survived the experience (no exaggeration here, kids –> depression is a scary thing), but I also owe my life to it.


Yep, an experience that almost took me out, is also the same one that gave me life. The dark days that followed the event were what caused me to make some drastic changes and it was the start of my shift into a full-time nomadic lifestyle – a lifestyle that feels so right that I almost have a hard time remembering what it was like living in the same city for eight years.

I grew a lot out of the experience too – I let go of a lot of pre-conceived notions of how I was supposed to live my life, and instead I just started focusing on the living part.

Almost a year after getting kicked out of my business, I was sitting in India recounting the story of how I got there to a friend when it smacked me right in the face — the only reason I was sitting in the Himalayas was because I wasn’t sitting in my gym in Chicago, and the most important realization was that I would rather be in the mountains than stuck inside a gym overworking myself. I remember going to sleep that night thanking the Universe profusely for the “shitty” events that led me to me being in that very room in that very moment and the first thing that I scribbled in my gratitude journal the next morning was, “Failed Business Relationships”. It was an immensely healing moment for me.

“Shitty” experiences such as strained relationships or breakups, losing a competition, or getting kicked out of your own business can feel devastating when going through them, but more often than not, these types of experiences produce amazing lessons and can stimulate some beautiful periods of personal growth. Every now and then I like to take the opportunity to dedicate my daily gratitude practice to throwing love to some of the more uncomfortable or painful events in life, because they are usually the ones that have sparked the most growth for me, and I think thats a damn good reason to be grateful.

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Gratitude as a tool for healing

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  1. Gary Music on June 12, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Did not know about the failed business attempt. Very interesting I have enjoyed watching your adventures on facebook over the last couple years very inspiring.

  2. Kristy on June 12, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    You are a beautiful woman inside and out and I would also like to thank the Universe for “you”. For your heart. For your listening ears. For your loving soul. Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you – in the big and little steps along the way. xx

  3. Adam Tran on June 13, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Love! Your journey is inspiring as is your vulnerability!

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