5 Easy Home [Tidiness] Habits

A huge thank you to Guest Blogger, Alice Robertson, creator of Tidy Home for the following tidiness tips for making your home a more cozy and self-care friendly space. At Wild Woman Strong, we are firm believers that clearing clutter in your life creates more space for a self-care focused lifestlye and these home tips are great for helping you do just that. Are you interested in submitting a guest blog post for Wild Woman Strong? You can submit your self-care related article ideas here.

Imagine coming home from work to a clean, organized, beautiful home. There are many benefits that a relaxing home life can provide including a more positive outlook and the urge to create more tidiness in the rest of your life as well. When your home is picture-perfect, you ache to come home to it after a long day at work.

If tidying up your home sounds like a lot of work that you just don’t have time for, not to worry. These minimalist cleaning tips will help your home feel welcoming and help you de-stress. When you start to let go of the worries of cleaning your home, you can enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Tidiness Tip 1: Clean all of the hard-to-see places

Hidden dust and dirt can build up in your home and cause you to suffer from allergies. So what areas of your home should always be on your list to dust? Clean your baseboards, curtains, behind appliances, inside cabinets, on top of ceiling fans, and other areas that are easily forgotten. These areas can easily build up germs, mold or dirt and cause you to get sick. Taking care of these small places will help put your mind at ease.

[Editor’s Note: If this seems too overwhelming, don’t be afraid to outsource! Even if a regular cleaning service isn’t in your budget or priorities, scheduling a bi-yearly deep clean can you help you stay on top of this important task without breaking the bank or making you too overwhelmed.]

Tidiness Tip 2: Keep your home smelling fresh

It is hard to beat a nice smell that greets you as you walk through your front door. It can instantly create or bring back memories for you and allow you to relax and be in the moment. How do you keep your home smelling fresh? You can put candles out and light them once you’re home. You can also try making a stove simmer. To do this, simply boil some water in a small saucepan and add citrus slices or herbs. It will waft through your home, and it is an easy party trick to do before guests come over.

Tidiness Tip 3: Make your bed

What if we told you that making your bed every day can improve your quality of life? Making your bed can give you a feeling of accomplishment that you can use to start your day off right. The same applies when you’re ending your day. When you’re getting ready to go to sleep and you notice your bed is made, it gives you a positive mental boost before you close your eyes. It creates a similar feeling of when you come back to a hotel after a long day and the maid has made your bed, and it is tidy and crisp.

[Editor’s Note: Making my bed is part of my morning ritual no matter where I am in the world. See why having a morning ritual is one of my favorite ways to make anywhere in the world feel like home here.]

Tidiness Tip 4: Declutter and organize

Decluttering and organizing plays a crucial part in home tidiness. You can start by collecting all of the things that have been left around your home (like coffee cups, clothes or books) and put them back in the places they belong. Start a recycling bin for anything that’s paper, plastic or glass that you don’t need. Have items that need fixing or mending? Stop putting that off and get it marked off your to-do list. For clothes or personal items you don’t feel like trashing but don’t have room to keep, put them in a bag and donate them.

Tidiness Tip 5: Do regular loads of Laundry

Instead of waiting until Sunday to do four loads of laundry when you are trying to clean the rest of your house, why not slowly tackle laundry throughout the week? Attempt to do a load of laundry a day every few days. You can throw in your dirty clothes in the morning before you leave for work and put them in the dryer when you get home.

[Editor’s Note: I’m a huge fan of line drying if possible as it uses less energy, keeps your clothing lasting longer, and is all around better for the environment. It takes a few extra minutes than throwing them in the dryer, but your wallet and the environment will thank you.]

Having a clean home will help you find stress relief and relaxation that you may not be able to find elsewhere. Your home should be your safe haven and a place to retreat after a long day. Practicing the tidiness tips above will help you achieve the clean and organized home you’ve always wanted.

About Alice

Alice Robertson began her career in the home organization industry as a professional house cleaner. After cleaning and organizing her clients’ homes for years, she decided to open her own home organization business. Over the years, she has built an impressive client list, helping to make spaces in homes and businesses more functional. She recently created tidyhome.info as a place to share the great cleaning and organizing advice she has developed over the years.

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