Twelve Pillars of a [Balanced] Self-Care Routine

When I first launched Wild Woman Strong one year ago, I started a running note on my iPhone to create a list of self-care routine non-negotiables. It was earmarked to run as a blog post, but every time I would open the note, I found myself editing, moving, changing, deleting, and re-adding words, never quite satisfied with what was staring at me.

As a result of the healing journey that I embarked on three years ago, I knew what self-care meant for me and I had developed a set of tools that I considered to be my own personal “self-care non-negotiables”. But at the end of the day, balance isn’t a stationary point, and even I allow these tools to shift and vary as my lifestyle dictates.

I also knew that I did not want to create something telling people what their self-care routines should or should not look like. Instead, I wanted to share something that honored the individuality and uniqueness of each person that might read it. This resource needed to be grounded, yet dynamic, and furthermore I wanted something that could be useful in helping others discover their own unique self-care paths. It was a tall order and non-negotiables just didn’t give the kind of space I was searching for.

Consequently, I ditched the concept of non-negotiables completely. Once I removed this restriction from what I wanted to create, the magic happened quickly. I landed on twelve concepts, with every single one of them having had tremendous impact on how I view my own self-care and teach it to others. Most importantly, this list was grounded, but dynamic. It provided ample space for personal interpretation and was universally available for most every lifestyle situation I could think of.

Organized into broader topics of mind, body, soul, and connection, these twelve pillars are intimately intertwined and work together to support a nurturing and balanced self-care routine. So what are these magical pillars?

The Twelve Pillars of a Balanced Self-Care Routine


Practicing Presence
Practicing Gratitude + Kindness
Practicing Discomfort




Sleep + Rest
Nourishment + Hydration


Mother Nature

A strong self-care routine has room for all of these pillars, helping to support you as much as possible from all sides, while still allowing you to lean into some pillars more heavily when you need to. By building a solid foundation of all twelve, you will still be well-supported if one collapses, making any big transitions or unexpected changes in your life less destructive. Most importantly, these pillars give you the space to define how each can best exist in your own lifestyle and for any stage of your life.

And you won’t find any non-negotiables here, babes. These pillars are yours and they are ready for your unique story and fingerprint to build them up to work best for you, no strict rules attached.

Twelve Pillars of a Balanced Self-Care Routine

Defining what self-care means for you so that you can create the most effective self-care routine may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re feeling stuck with your self-care routine, join the Wild Woman Strong e-mail community to receive free resources, stay up-to-date on product launches, and get my best tips that are only reserved for the insider crew.

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