Running to Give

I am a firm believer that supporting others aligned with your values is a powerful form of self-care. It may seem counter intuitive that showing support for another person can count as self-care, but it absolutely is! Connection to yourself and with others is one of the main pillars of a well-balanced self-care routine. By choosing to show someone else support, you are actively fostering the relational connections that exist in your life.

By showing someone support whose values align with yours, this self-care practice can become even more effective. Allowing someone space to nurture a value in your community that is aligned with your own can help you create an environment that allows you to more confidently live in your value system. Bringing it full circle – the more aligned your environment is with your core values, the easier it is to maintain a healthy and well-rounded self-care practice.

While I created this platform to support women in creating and fostering effective and healthy self-care practices, I have loved that Wild Woman Strong has given me larger ground to show support for other women who I think are doing pretty rad things.

Every year, I make a charitable donation for my birthday, and this year, I am so excited to use this donation to support two amazingly rad women who I could not be more proud to have my life. Each of these women are spending a year running in support of organizations that are taking pretty powerful action in our world, and I can’t wait for you to meet them and hear about their values.

Meet Baiba

Run To Plant Trees

Baiba is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Galway, Ireland. I met Baiba exactly three years ago as she was a fellow student in my yoga teacher training in the magical Himalayan Mountains.

Over the coming year, Baiba will be run two half marathons, three marathons, and one ultra marathon, totaling 232 kilometers. Her goal is to raise enough funds to plant 10 trees for each kilometer covered, which is an astounding 2320 trees. She is completing this mission to create more awareness to the current climate crisis, plant some trees, and encourage others to do something they never thought they could achieve.

To plant these trees, Baiba is working closely with Hometree charity, which is based on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland. Run to Plant Trees began with the Connemara Marathon on Sunday, April 19, 2019 and will finish with the Connemara Ultra Marathon on April 19, 2020.

All funds raised (excluding race entry fees) during her project will be donated to Hometree charity to plant native Irish trees – willow, birch, oak – on the West Coast of Ireland. All of those who support will also have an opportunity to come along to a special Tree Planting Day in April 202, together with Hometree and Baiba, to breathe some fresh air and plant some trees.

You can follow her project on Instagram here.

Meet Mirjam


Mirjam is an ultra-runner and yoga teacher based in Amsterdam, NL. I have had the wonderful fortune of having recently met Mirjam as a fellow teacher offering classes at the same studio here in AMS.

Mirjam is dedicating her runs this year – she just completed a 90 KM race in the Scottish Highlands this month and will be running the New York City Marathon in November – to an NGO called FreetoRun that helps empower women and girls through endurance sport. She views her endurance sport as a beautiful tool for empowering yourself, rising beyond what you ever dreamed to be possible. But not everyone has the opportunity to run and explore this sport in a safe environment.

The NGO Freetorun supports women and girls in conflict areas like Afghanistan and Iraq through endurance sport. They have a strong focus on empowering future female leaders through training and material support, and work hard to break societal stigmas of what omen and girls can and are able to do. Everyone deserves the chance to run, play, and experience the outdoors safely, and Free to Run is working tirelessly to make that happen for women in conflict areas.

You can follow her Instagram here.

How you can help support

For every like this Instagram post receives, I will be donating $1 split between the two women’s charities (up to $150). If you would like to help me support Baiba and Mirjam on their missions, you can do so in a number of ways:

1) Head to the post above and like it – while you’re there, give a shout out to both women to let them know how rad you think their missions are!
2) Follow Baiba and Mirjam on social media, and interact with and like their content
3) Head to their respective fundraising pages and donate what you can

Donate to Baiba and Hometree here
Donate to Mirjam and NGO Freetorun here

I want to extend a huge thank you to both women for their amazing efforts and for creating awareness around two incredibly powerful topics. And thank you, babe, for continuing the ripple of support and making our community of women feel loved, supported, and strong.

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  1. Mirjam aka myrunspiration on May 27, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    Thank you so so much for this amazing & incredibly supportive post! So glad I met you!