Do you struggle to prioritize your own self-care during the holiday hustle?

#CelebrateYOU is a FREE course designed to help you prioritize self-care during the busy holiday season. Each Sunday in December, you will get a journaling prompt, an easy self-care challenge, and a free gift or resource delivered straight to your inbox. Instead of starting your 2018 exhausted from the holidays, each self-care challenge you complete will get you closer to your strongest + healthiest New Year yet!

If you are ready to prioritize your self-care and #CelebrateYOU this December, sign up for free now. The first e-mail gets delivered to your inbox on Sunday, December 3!

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Missed the first e-mail? You can sign-up anytime during the month and any emails you have missed will still be delivered to you. It is not too late to prioritize your self-care during the holidays!

Your weekly emails contain:


Every Sunday, your e-mail will contain a journal prompt that will help you prioritize and identify the most effective self-care actions for yourself during the holidays. Journal prompts can be completed anytime during the week, and will help you keep your self-care from falling victim to the holiday hustle.


You will receive an easy and actionable self-care challenge each week. Every challenge that you complete will give you an entry into a giveaway for a new Wild Woman Strong group coaching program launching mid-January. Challenges are structured to be easy to incorporate into your busy holiday schedule while providing mood and energy boosts throughout your busy month.


To help you celebrate the holidays and thank you for being part of the Wild Woman tribe, I will be including a free gift in every email. I can't tell you more about them because that would ruin the surprise, right?

#CelebrateYOU starts Sunday, December 3. You will receive a total of five emails throughout the month and it is free to join! To increase your accountability, consider asking a friend to join you for the month!

Your first email goes out in:


Hi I'm

A (frequently barefoot) nomadic strength coach + yoga instructor, coffee enthusiast, journaling junkie + storyteller.

A few years ago, I suffered from a massive burnout from working too much and always choosing to put other's need ahead of my own. After taking the time I needed to heal and recover, I realized that in order to prevent the same thing from happening again, I needed to prioritize my own self-care above all else.

Its been a long journey, but I have learned a lot along the way. It has become my mission to share my experiences and resources to help encourage others to make their own self-care a priority as well. I am glad to have found you and can't wait to spend the month of December celebrating YOU.

With Love,



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