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Reclaim more time in your day + decrease stress levels with this FREE email series jam-packed with easy to implement tips for decreasing dependence on your devices.
Each day you will receive easy + actionable steps delivered straight to your inbox that will help you turn down your technology usage, so you can tune into the NOW. The series will culminate in a challenge to detox from your devices + social media for 24 hours.

How will you spend your newly found time?

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Technology has made our lives more efficient and exciting but the ever-increasing reliance on it has led to information overload and mental burnouts for a lot of people. This email series was created not to remove technology from your life (I would never ask you to do the impossible), but to focus on using it intentionally when it makes sense and to decrease your reliance on it in scenarios in which it doesn't add value to your life. Throughout the week, your daily emails will provide easy + actionable tips for helping you decrease the excess noise and stress from our modern lifestyles.



For a full week you will receive a daily email with a quick and actionable item that you can make THAT DAY to decrease mindless usage of your smart phone and social media. Each action will take you less than 20 minutes to institute and when incorporated regularly into your lifestyle will help you reclaim more time and decrease your stress levels.


You will be encouraged to schedule a full 24 hour digital detox at the end of the email series, information on the benefits of doing so, as well as tips for making your detox as successful and comfortable as possible. Throughout the week you will also receive tools for incorporating regular digital and social media breaks into your lifestyle so that you can continue reaping the benefits after the series is over.


You can sign-up anytime and will begin receiving daily emails for one week from the date of your sign-up. Habits are easier to create (or break!) if you have a good support system, so consider asking a friend to sign-up with you! A few free surprises are likely to show up throughout the email series as well!


 This series is for anyone who:

>> Wants to decrease mindless social media usage

>> Spends too much time on digital devices and wants to reclaim that time for other activities

>> Would like to remove extra sources of information overload so they can increase their focus and spend more time living in the present moment

>> Wants support and encouragement for taking a technology break, or would like to learn how to incorporate regular technology breaks into their lifestyles


Hi I'm

A (frequently barefoot) nomadic strength coach + yoga instructor, coffee enthusiast, journaling junkie + storyteller.

This past summer, I spent a month in India where frequent storms meant power outages were the norm and I had to go through a forced digital detox. The first few days were a little challenging, but by the end of the month I felt significantly less stressed, consumed twice as many books as usual, and was sleeping better than ever.

And then I returned back to the Western world, and the overwhelm hit hard. I started having nightmares about social media (seriously) and it made me realize that I needed to control my technology usage rather than it controlling me. I know I'm not the only one who has faced overwhelm and stress from technology so I created this email series to share some of the tools and resources that I have developed over the past few months to do so.

I am excited to have you join me in disconnecting with your devices so that you reconnect with the present.

With Love,



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