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Movement is your superpower

Your comprehensive and customized movement program can help you:

  • Increase energy levels + sleep habits
  • Decrease physical pain, daily aches and stiffness, + improve joint health
  • Boost self-confidence + mental clarity
  • Build resilience in stressful situations
  • Gain both physical + mental strength

As a movement coach and educator with 8 years experience, I have helped over 500 humans harness the power of movement to improve their physical well-beings, develop greater self-confidence and mental clarity, and increase their resilience in stressful situations.

As your coach, I take a collaborative approach to design the most effective and well-rounded training program for your unique body, lifestyle, + needs. Whether you choose a strength-based coaching program or private yoga lessons, all sessions will incorporate breathe work, intention setting and mindfulness practices, as well as movements and strength-building exercises selected specifically for your needs.

Schedule your complimentary consultation and trial session to experience how a customized movement program and coaching with WWS can change your life.

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Yoga + Mobility

Having spent a year as an anatomy teacher in India and eight years as a strength coach, all of Brittany's classes incorporate modern movement science, breathe work, and traditional yoga elements and are infused with elements of play and free exploration for you to truly tune into your mind + body.

Movements are selected with your individual goals and body in mind to be as effective as possible for you. Benefits include improved joint health, decreased aches and pains, gained strength and self-confidence, improved mindfulness and increased resilience for handling stressful situations.



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Strength Training 

Whether your goals are weight loss, performance based, or improved overall quality of life and increased self-confidence, a smartly programmed and customized strength-training program can get you there.

As a kettlebell specialist and bodyweight expert, Brittany has worked with dozens of endurance and extreme athletes prevent injuries and improve performance, helped nearly a hundred clients lose weight in a long-term and sustainable way, as well as used strength training to help all of her humans increase their overall quality of life, self-confidence, and resiliency to stress.

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Pre/Post-Natal Training

Are you trying to get pregnant, currently expecting, or learning how to better tune-in and heal your body post-baby?

All pre/post natal sessions have a strong focus on pelvic floor health, breathing techniques for dealing with labor and stressful mama moments, as well as carefully chosen and effective movements that will nourish your body and growing baby

As a qualified pre/post-natal specialist, Brittany has helped nearly one hundred mamas have healthy pregnancies, learn how to embrace their changing bodies, and maintain an effective and nourishing self-care routine in the midst of change.

Is private training not right for you, but you still want to work with me?
Check out my group classes and workshop schedule here



Customized program incorporating strength training, yoga, pre/post-natal or a combination. All programs will incorporate breathe work, intention setting, and a focus on mindful + effective movements that are carefully and expertly chosen with YOUR unique body, movement history and goals in mind.

Your comprehensive + customized movement program can help you:

  • Increase energy levels + sleep habits
  • Decrease physical pain, daily aches and stiffness, + improve joint health
  • Boost self-confidence + mental clarity
  • Build resilience in stressful situations
  • Gain both physical + mental strength

Variety of Location Options Available

If you are in the Utrecht Area, take advantage of training sessions offered in your home or nearby park in summer months. Join Brittany in her Zuilen location and receive a discount off your training package.

Not located in Utrecht? Brittany offers virtual training options including Skype sessions and customized training plans so you can train with her from anywhere in the world.

To discuss training options in more detail and find one that suits your needs best, schedule your complimentary consultation with Brittany today.

Free resources created exclusively for the Wild Woman Strong community, discounts on all online WWS self-care and mindfulness programs, workshops, and retreats as well as access to discounts from partners and service providers around the Utrecht area.

I believe in a holistic approach to health, so I am excited to offer you exclusive discounts with other professionals to take your self-care to the next level. I can't wait to share my network of the best massage therapists and holistic healers, physiotherapists, nutrition consultants, and more with you.

Hi, I'm Brittany... 

... founder of Wild Woman Strong, which I created to help people find freedom through movement.

Every WWS coaching session and class taps into the knowledge I have accumulated over 8 years experience as a strength coach, yoga teacher, and educator. With a diverse background in kettlebells, yoga, calisthenics, and breathing and meditation techniques, I LOVE finding unique ways to help people find a loving space in their own bodies and minds through movement.

Movement is your superpower - its time to unleash yours.



To read more about my story, the why behind Wild Woman Strong and see my professional education, click here.

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The Fine Print

Complimentary Sessions are 45-minutes and include a discussion of your movement history, goals, expectations, a movement assessment and a small workout. You will receive an intake form to fill out prior to this session. This session is meant for us to get to know each other and for you to experience if my coaching style is a good fit for you. You are not obligated to purchase a training package afterwards.

Pricing + Package Expiration: All packages expire in 60 days and pricing is inclusive of BTW of 9%. Prices for in-home personal training are for locations 5KM within the Zuilen area of Utrecht. Further distances may incur an additional charge to account for travel. Save 5% by training in our Zuilen location (address upon request). Pricing and package options will be discussed during your complimentary session.

Training Discounts + Referral Program All new clients will receive 5% off their first package purchase. Leave WWS a review on Facebook and receive 10 Euros off your next purchase. As a thank you for referring my services, you will receive a complimentary session for anyone you refer who books their first package.

Cancellation Policy I kindly request that any cancellations take place within a 12-hour notice period and that cancelled sessions are rescheduled within 7 days, or you risk losing the cancelled session.

Can't afford training? I don't think income should restrict anyone's access to quality, healing movement. If you could benefit from coaching, but don't have the funds necessary, I reserve a small number of sessions offered at a discounted rate on an as-needed or trade for services basis. If this is you, please send me an email with a description of how a customized movement program and private coach would benefit you.

Schedule your complimentary consultation and trial session to experience how coaching and a customized movement program with WWS can change your life.


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