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Routine vs. Ritual

The distinguishing qualities of routine vs. ritual are subtle, but processes and habits form the core of both. A well-oiled and effective habit can help you: Automate tasks with less effort Increase consistency in your health journey Free up mental space to take care of other more interesting and creative tasks Keep you from crashing…

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One [Self-Care Tip] to Rule Them All

Sleep is queen in the self-care world. It affects every facet of your life, and most people, quite frankly, suck at it. Finding ways to improve your sleep quality can do wonders for improving everything else in your world, and that is why my favorite self-care tip revolves around improving the quality of your shut…

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3 Ways to Make Anywhere Feel Like [Home]

I was chatting with a new friend yesterday and per usual they were very curious about my lifestyle. We went through the usual questions about how I sustain myself financially on the road, what it is like traveling alone as a female and specific questions about some of the countries I had visited. But the…

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